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Based on a well-known Thai sex-related novel, the film shows the story of Jan, a boy who develops in a house lorded over by his impolite and debauched dad, Luang Wisnan. Set in the 1930′s the story recounts the improving pain of Jan, whose mom becomes deceased while maternity to him and that is significantly hated by his dad. Jan develops with Mother Wad, his stepmother, and he fights to hook up his pity and wish with different women in his lifestyle, along with a woman known as Hyacinth, whom he prefers, and later Madame Boonleung, his father's associate who becomes a key to Jan’s sex-related attention.


Jan is a boy increasing up in Thirties Siam in a rich, structural close relatives where sex has a large effect on everybody's life. Jan Dara is considered by his dad, Khun Luang, as cursed, since his mom passed away pregnancy to him. The harassing Luang is a womanizer who has sex with many females at the front side of the symbol of his delayed spouse.

The youthful sibling of Jan's mom, Auntie Waad, is introduced in to proper take good care of Jan. Luang has lovemaking with her, which causes youthful Jan to be envious, since he has designed emotions for Waad. Waad and Luang have a girl, Kaew, who is the the apple company of Luang's eye. From the starting, he instructs her to dislike the "bastard Jan". Waad, in come back, snacks Jan like her own son and despises Kaew.

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Later, another of Khun Luang's females, the innovative nymphomaniac Boonlueang, goes into a guesthouse on the property, and she instructs Jan his first training in the methods of really like.

Jan is then mounted for the sex-related assault of Kaew, who was having interaction with the son of one of the household's service personnel. But it is Jan who finishes up penalized for Kaew's transgressions. Later, it comes out that Kaew is expecting, with the seeds of her own dad. To sleek over the destruction to the household's popularity, Jan is requested to come back to close relatives members property and is pressured into an organized wedding with his half-sister Kaew. He does so, as long as he is guaranteed the action to the property, which he opinions as a way of vindication against his dad for the misuse he sustained from him during his child years.

Kaew gives starting to Luang's kid and curses it after it has appeared from her uterus. The kid shows traditional dysmorphic functions discovered in inherited strains such as trisomy 21, generally known as Down's problem.

Kaew, meanwhile, goes into into a lesbian connection with Boonlueang. When Jan discovers this, he requirements that Kaew provide him his own kid and causes himself upon her regularly. Kaew becomes expecting with Jan's kid but she will not have the child she is holding, and with Boonlueang's support, functions a weakling, self-administered abortion.

Jan therefore discovers himself duplicating the libidinous styles of his dad, going as far as to have sex with a house maid in his dad's lounge, at the front side of the symbol of his mom. Jan amazing things why he can't evade the pattern of sex-related misuse began by his dad. Then it is exposed that Jan is the item of a group sex-related assault of his mom.

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